Is an acronym which stands for Capture Harassing Animals On Site. CHAOS is a privately owned and operated business by Mr. David Dilworth. He is a Westchester native and has lived in Westchester his entire life. Since a young child Mr. Dilworth has been a wildlife enthusiast as far as anyone can remember.

Since he was a young child David was introduced to the great outdoors first by his father and uncles, tagging along on small game hunts with beagles and hounds. He recalls having just as much pleasure listening to the stories of past hunts, and the one that got away, as the actual hunting itself. It were these stories and exciting tales which made him work hard at becoming one of the hunting comrads of his father and uncles, and to one day have stories just as exciting to tell of his own. Before he was able to hunt with a weapon because of his age and being to young, David still spent every spare moment walking in the woods learning animal tracks and the sign which they left behind to ensure his success once he were of age to hunt.

Besides the introduction to wildlife in the local woods of Westchester County, Mr. Dilworth’s mothers family comes from Catteraugus and Chattaqua County about 375 mi. from his native town of Elmsford, NY. It was here as well where David was exposed to a long line of hunters, trappers, and fishermen which undertook these activities as much for sport as they did to put food on the table. It was here where he learned the importance of wildlife management and to respect mother nature since she is the hand which feeds us.