Rat Removal Westchester New York


The 2 most common rats here in Westchester County which cause customers to call wildlife professionals are the 1. Norway Rat, 2. The Black Rat or also commonly called The Roof Rat. Both of these rats are considered to fall in a category known as Old World Rats.

The Norway Rat can be distinguished by by its grayish brown color and it long scaly tail.

Feeds on anything edible. Commonly found around garbage, and unsanitary area’s.

8-10 offspring per litter. Females can breed @ 3 months of life. Females can possibly have 12 litter’s per year.

Black Rat:
Black Rat which is also commonly known as the Roof Rat (RATTUS RATTUS)

Head & Body 7-8 inches, Tail 8.5-10 inches… 2 color phases brown and black. The tail has no fur and is longer than the head and body combined. *NOTE* If the tail is shorter than the head and body combined, This would be an identifying feature for the NORWAY RAT…

Habits and habitat:
Rats are no different than any other rodent in regards to their ability to chew through mostly anything tht they want get through or in to. It is very common for customers to see holes in their cabinets caused by these rodents gnawing their way from one cabinet to the other. It is guessed that the damage caused by rats every year are into the Millions of dollars. Unfortunately the damage caused by rats are more than just that of monetary value. Rats are certainly identified as a carrier of many diseases that are communicable to humans.